The New Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text. It is most well-known as sex guide; however, it was also intended as a guide to virtuous living and covers areas such as how a man can find a wife, how to conduct oneself during marriage and other ways in which one can live a fulfilling existence.

This blog will explore all the themes of the Kama Sutra… attraction, love and fulfillment, but it will primarily be focused on what the Kama Sutra is most famous for: sex. In particular, how a man can lead a woman into a world of intense sexual excitement and ecstasy, where he can easily provide her with powerful orgasms, and tease her into a state of such delicious anticipation that will take her mind off virtually anything else in her life.

The ancient wisdom in the Kama Sutra will be drawn upon; however, modern science and psychology will be used to make the pleasure come more easily and powerfully than the ancients could have ever envisioned.